HDS(?) ViewStation Monitor

From: Fred deBros <fdebros_at_verizon.net>
Date: Sun Sep 30 20:10:37 2001

oh man...i just threw away one of them
it works on my b/w hds workstn. ck out what model hds xserver u have and see
if u can add mem.
that video never did colour for me and in b/w its vga
i switched to a colour hds xstation and run it in sync-ion-green on a
paopwerwite dec mon....nice 1024x846 screen with grayscale

ckout hds website for more
but the 17 in klutz you describe is nowhere to be found.
boat anchor.


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Subject: HDS(?) ViewStation Monitor

> Okay, so I've been sitting here trolling the newsgroup ever since my last
> post. I've read almost every post that drops into my mail-box - a lot of
> questions I can't answer.
> Anyway, I'd asked about an IBM PowerStation 530, and got a lot of
> and eventually got a cable (Thanks Peter, your check's going in the mail
> Monday) to make the 3 micro-BNC in DB housing output into a 3 BNC RGB
> hookup. I went to the local place to look at crap, and found only one
> monitor that has the three BNC hookups - it's an HDS ViewStation, with no
> other real info on it... Will this work with the system? Anyone heard of
> this thing before. Also, it's $50 - is that really a reasonable price or
> should I try to talk him down?
> If it helps, the diagrams next to the RGB hookups on the back of the
> showed a vertical arrow in next to the R and a horizontal one next to the
> and nothing next to the green. This would lead me to believe that it syncs
> vertical on Red and horizontal on Blue, which obviously won't work, but I
> just want to make sure.
> Thanks again for any and all help. If this monitor won't work, I'm gonna
> look again and see what sort of 5 BNC models I can find... I was told some
> will work (Thanks Bennett).
> Blair
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