Attaching a VT100 to a PC....

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Sep 30 13:59:50 2001

Simple, DEC terminals like to use Xon/Xoff flow control protocal
and will run ok without it if the baud rate is low enough.

You have two choices either hardware flowcontrol, or enable
and use xon/xoff. I'd suggest the latter as it's the common way
for DEC systems.


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Date: Sunday, September 30, 2001 2:22 PM
Subject: Attaching a VT100 to a PC....

>OK, I managed to dig out a VT100 out of storage. Of course the first
>I burrowed all the way back led to a VT103, so I had to dig an even more
>difficult path.
>Anyway, I've got it hooked up to the Intel 810e board I'm using for my
>Desktop PDP-10 project. I've got Linux set so I can log in and do
>The terminal seems happiest working at 9600. Under TOPS-10 V7.03 I can
>a DIR in a small directory and everything is fine, but if I run it in a
>directory such as SYS:, then I get slightly garbled data. Same thing if
>run a SYSTAT, it's garbled, especially the last part.
>I'm not up on Serial stuff and I've seen simular results hooking up one
>my VT420's to Sun Sparc. Is the problem my cabling, or what? At the
>moment I'm using what looks to be a LapLink cable (or the equivalent).
>the finished project I plan to build a custom cable.
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