8080 vs. 8080A

From: Michael Holley <swtpc6800_at_home.com>
Date: Sun Sep 30 15:10:08 2001

My 1978 Intel Component Data Catalog has a 8080A / 8080A-1 / 8080A-2 data
sheet copyright 1977 (page 11-11 to 11-18). Just under the title is the
following line.
"The 8080A is functionally and electrically compatible with the Intel 8080."

I will look around for older catalogs. I have more Motorola 6800 datasheets
than Intel. This could be like the difference between the MC6820 and MC6821
Peripheral Interface Adapter. That was some small electrical specification
on an I/O pin that I can't remember now.
Michael Holley

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> The only microprocessor that I don't have a good handle
> on is the 8080 and the difference between the 8080 and 8080A.
> I also know that the 8080 was introduced sometime
> around April 1974. I have not been able to find an
> introduction date for the 8080A. Was it introduced at
> the same time? Does anyone know?
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