Unsing other Tapedrive instead of TK50

From: lothar felten <lothar.felten_at_gmx.net>
Date: Sun Sep 30 18:34:20 2001

i?ve got a VaxStation M38 with harddisk, but is has no drives. the
NetBSD-Install-HowTo says how to make boot-tapes (TK50). i could make a boot
tape with my (ix86) NetBSD computer, but i have no SCSI-TK50 tapedrive.
could i use an old qic tapedrive (also scsi, up to 150Mb)?
i also have an PDP-11/73, this one has two harddisks (RD54 maybe?), 4 megs
of ram, a TK50 drive (the connector looks like scsi, but in the drive only
few pins are connected, so i suppose this is not scsi) and 2 huge RL02.
there is no system on it. on a wbsite i found BSD 2.11 should run on this
pdp-11, but is it free? where can i get it? and again, how to get the image
on TK50 Tape without any SCSI-TK50 drive?
where could i get a scsi-TK50 drive?

many questions...
maybe someone can help

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