Unsing other Tapedrive instead of TK50

From: Paul Thompson <thompson_at_mail.athenet.net>
Date: Sun Sep 30 21:36:16 2001

You can probably make a boot image on a SCSI hard drive for the Vaxstation
from your intel box. I did this to make a system disk for a DECstation
for which I had no tape drive. Just disklabel the disk and get the right
files from the netbsd site and lay them on the drive with dd and you
should be all set. You can install the rest of the distribution using
FTP if you have a network.

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, lothar felten wrote:

> hello,
> i?ve got a VaxStation M38 with harddisk, but is has no drives. the
> NetBSD-Install-HowTo says how to make boot-tapes (TK50). i could make a boot
> tape with my (ix86) NetBSD computer, but i have no SCSI-TK50 tapedrive.

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