Weekend finds and help needed

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sun Sep 30 20:17:29 2001

At 05:41 PM 9/30/01 -0400, you wrote:
>This weekend was good for finding vintage HP items, but I'm
>looking for additional documentation and parts:
>1. HP 9836C

  Nice! It's a 9836 with a color monitor. The color versions are sort of

>Picked up the CPU and monitor, but there were no manuals or media.
>The machine boots and displays:
> 9836C 2250A02013
> Copyright 1982,
> Hewlett-Packard Company
> All Rights Reserved
> Keyboard
> Color Graphics
> 2 Flexible Discs
> HP 98628- at 20
> 917344 Bytes
> RESET To Power-Up
>At which point it hangs, presumably waiting for an operating system.


>Any leads on documentation, operating systems, and additional options
>for this computer would be most welcome.

    I have all kinds of stuff for them. I also know that Gail Roth as
manuals for it that she's been trying to sale on E-bay. I think she only
got one bid and only for one manual.

  Info: These are similar to the 9816 (9000 series 216) and 9826 (9000
series 226) and the 9837. The 9836 is also called a 9000 series 236. They
all use 8 MHz 68000 CPUs except the U versions, they have a 12.5 MHz 68010.
 They'll all run HPL, Pascal and BASIC. The languages are available on ROM
cards or disk based. I have all of them on disk but the ROM cards are rare.
I have a couple of them with BASIC but I've never found the HPL or Pascal

>2. HP 98241-67901 I/O Extender

       Hmm. that looks like the part number for an individual part. Look
and she if you can find a model number for the whole thing. It should be
simply a four or five digit number with no dash number.

>Appears to be for the 9825 series and has a test point for each of the

     Oh, Ok then I know what it is. Does it plug into a interface slot on
the back of a 9825, 9835 or 9845 and have right angle bend in it? If so
it's an entender for working on interfaces.

>3. HP ROM Drawers
>These were found loose in a parts bin and they appear to be ROM drawers
>for the HP 9825 series of desktop computers. I have three drawers, one with
>six slots (all of 'em empty) and two drawers with four slots. Each of the

    They're ROM drawers for a 9835.


  PS you can't replace the surface of the 9872 plotter. It has wires
embedded in it that carry the high voltage that's used to create the static
charge that is used to hold the paper to the surface.
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