8080 vs. 8080A

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Sep 30 19:31:24 2001

On Sep 30, 19:12, ajp166 wrote:
> no, it was 2mhz.
> using 8224 the usual crystal was 18.435 (2.0483333*9).
> there was a -1. -2 and -3 version of the part but the fastest was 3mhz.
> I used to sell upD8080AF for NEC and I had to know my competition.

Ah, then you'll know what the difference(s) was/were. While looking up
8080A and 8080 (except all my 1976 and 1979 Intel Data Books say is that
they're functionally and electrically compatible) I discovered that NEC
made two versions, both called 8080A, but one with some enhancements. I
assume that this was rather like the idea they used in the V20. The note
said that 8080A's from authorised second-sources were competely code
compatible but the enhanced NEC version was not, and wouldn't always run
certain Intel code. What was the difference, and what made it not run
certain programs?

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