RS6000 7012-320H

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sun Sep 30 19:51:18 2001

Paul Thompson skrev:

>There's probably an ethernet chip on the main board which just needs the
>AUI/BNC logic on the riser card added to work. You should be able to get
>a Microchannel enet card for cheap watching on ebay if you can't find the

OTOH, wouldn't there be some compatiblity issues WRT AIX if you just take any
MCA ethernet card? There'd have to be driver support. And there might be
compatibility issues WRT PS/2 cards, or so I've read on
There should be people with suitable cards in the abovementioned group.

>The IBM sales manual might help, plug in the part numbers for your

Ooh, that's a useful link.

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