Soldering and other skills (was Re: QL-Quality (Was: ZX-81 Question))

From: Peter Joules <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 07:33:18 2002

In message <>, Carlos
Murillo <> writes
>I did not actually put the solder in my mouth, but rather,
>I bit the edge of the plastic holder. Still, that was
>a very bad idea.
>I should probably be screened for lead...

30 years ago I used to use my teeth to bite through solder rather than
cutting it, but of course lead wasn't that dangerous in the '70s ;-).

I also used to like the smell of the dust from brake linings after
blowing the drums out with an air line, got my hands covered in benzene,
toluene and such things in the lab and various other things which
weren't particularly dangerous then...

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