Unix disk images and archiving

From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 1 08:38:34 2002


I'm not familiar with Next so this is speaking from general unix experience,
but I think you need to copy the "whole disk" parition rather then the "a"
partition on the OD. Assuming NextStep is using a BSD-style disk lable, which
it looks like it is, "dd if=/dev/od0c of=/dev/od1c" would do it. I use this
technique all the time on my linux machine to make archive copies of OS disks
and it works great; the linux example would be "dd if=/dev/hdc of=<file>", and
then <file> can be burned back to a CD later...

Jeff Hellige said:
> Ok, I've gotten the Pinnacle Micro Sierra 1.3GB MO drive to work using
> the below disktab:
> # Pinnacle Micro Sierra optical disk drive
> # ECMA 512 byte/sector media
> # Disktab generated by Jessica Hayden from SunOS /etc/format.dat entry
> # and NextAnswers document 1533
> PINNACLEOHD-1200|Pinnacle Sierra 1.2GB OHD|OHD-1200:\
> :ty=removable_rw_scsi:nc#5359:nt#7:ns#31:ss#512:rm#3600:\
> :fp#320:bp#256:ng#0:gs#0:ga#0:ao#0:\
> :os=sdmach:z0#64:z1#192:ro=a:\
> :pa#0:sa#1162903:ba#8192:fa#1024:ca#32:da#4096:ra#1:oa-space:\
> ia:ta=4.3BSD:aa:
> I initialized it with the following commands:
> disk -t "OHD-1200" -i /dev/rsd1a
> newfs -n -v /dev/rsd1a
> I then ejected the disk and reinserted it. NS mounted it and reads
> and writes to/from it just fine. It gives me nearly 600MB of space.
> My next question would be what is the best way of making a bootable
> copy of my internal MO disk to the Pinnacle MO? If I issue the
> following command:
> dd if=/dev/rod0a of=/dev/rsd1a
> I get a read error on rod0a and dd aborts.
> If I issue the command:
> dd if=/dev/od0a of=/dev/sd1a
> dd copies data from the internal MO to the external MO but doesn't
> copy the data in the subdirectories. Any suggestions? Would dump be
> better for this?
> Thanks
> Jeff
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