Unix disk images and archiving

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Apr 1 09:12:59 2002

>I'm not familiar with Next so this is speaking from general unix experience,
>but I think you need to copy the "whole disk" parition rather then the "a"
>partition on the OD. Assuming NextStep is using a BSD-style disk lable, which
>it looks like it is, "dd if=/dev/od0c of=/dev/od1c" would do it. I use this
>technique all the time on my linux machine to make archive copies of OS disks
>and it works great; the linux example would be "dd if=/dev/hdc of=<file>", and
>then <file> can be burned back to a CD later...

        Actually I got it working with 'dump' piped through
'restore', thanks to the suggestion from another list member. I was
able to dump two of the NeXT optical disks to the Pinnacle, for
archiving, and then dump one of them to an external 1GB hard disk. I
have some fstab issues to work out with the copy though as it insists
on booting into single-user mode looking for the optical disk in the
internal drive. It gave me the same thing when I attempted to boot
from the Pinnacle with it set to SCSI ID#0. I'm getting there, even
if it is slowly. I still plan on messing with dd some more to try
and create some images of the disks though. I'm hoping that since it
has the dust filter installed that the optical drive in my Dimension
Cube holds up long enough to finish transferring all of them.

        Since it doesn't have an internal boot drive, just a 40MB
swapdrive at SCSI ID#6, I'm doing the test boots on my '030 Cube but
using my extra '040 mainboard. I loaded the '030 mainboard with RAM
and started to boot it and found out that it was set to boot over
ethernet and that it had a hardware password set! Hopefully by the
time I get home the mainboard will have forgotten it's hardware
settings since it's been sitting with the battery out overnight.

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