WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8)

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Apr 1 16:39:53 2002

> Loboyko Steve wrote:
> WW sockets are getting more expensive. I won't use
> anything but machine tooled pin sockets, which are
> even more expensive. Buf going nuts and wasting your
> precious free time over a flaky socket is really,
> really expensive.

I, too, can recommend only going with machined-pin sockets; anything less
isn't worth the hassle of trying to chase down phantom problems. This
goes for soldered designs as well as WW.

OTOH, it's an easy choice for me since I alread have several hundred/few
thousand of them. I don't ever expect to actually *pay* for one, unless I
need some kind of BGA or FPGA or other SMT adapter. For DIP stuff, I'm
set for life!



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