The Future End of Classic Computing

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 16:41:27 2002

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> > What issue is there? If they don't like copyright as it was
> > originally defined, fine. Abolish it. That's fair, and everyone's
> > still on equal ground. :)

> Not quite so easy here in the States. From the
> Constitution of the United
> States, Article 1, Section 8:

I was basically being sarcastic. The point being that it's ridiculous
for them to make demands to the effect that copyright be extended into
eternity, just as it would be for somebody to demand that it be
abolished completely. Either way, the purpose of copyright is defeated.


> > I think Mr. Schiff ought to be required to reimburse the government
> > for the salaries (plus usage of buildings, etc) of all the people
> > whose time he wastes with his bill. That ought to be
> enough to spend
> > all the money that some companies are paying him for it,
> plus his own
> > salary, and make him get a job at McDonalds to make ends meet.

> I think you're being kind.


> -spc (He and the Honorable Hollings (cough) should be
> tossed out and
> not allowed to hold public office for at least 12 years ... )

I imagine lifetime would be more appropriate. They've shown -- beyond
any doubt, as far as I can see -- that they haven't got the character
required to perform the duties which public office would require of them.


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