Shoddy Hardware (Was: Re: WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8))

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 17:52:52 2002

> > > Loboyko Steve wrote:
> > > WW sockets are getting more expensive. I won't use
> > > anything but machine tooled pin sockets, which are
> > > even more expensive. Buf going nuts and wasting your
> > > precious free time over a flaky socket is really,
> > > really expensive.
> >
> > I, too, can recommend only going with machined-pin sockets; anything
> > isn't worth the hassle of trying to chase down phantom problems. This
> > goes for soldered designs as well as WW.
> I'll 'third' it...
> I will use nothing but turned-pin sockets (that's what they're called in
> the UK) now. I once spent most of a day tracking down a fault that was
> caused by a flaky contact on a folded-metal type of socket. Never again.
> I've got more enjoyable things to do...

Speaking of machined parts versus something else...

Anyone notice how commodity PCs have screws that have clearly
been *cast* onstead of *turned/Machined*? Everytime you thread
one into a hole, you generate a nice supply of metal shavings.

Not good.

To get back on topic, when did this trend start? The IBM PC,
PC/XT, and PC/AT used machined/turned fasteners. Lots of classic
non-consumer hardware used various "captive mechanisms" instead
of plain old screws and bolts.

And how about sharp edges inside a chassis? Older hardware tends
to have spent a little time in the hands of a whitesmith, who
added lots of finishing detail like smooth edges that don't cut.

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