Shoddy Hardware (Was: Re: WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8))

From: John Chris Wren <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 22:24:03 2002

        I've been building PCs since XTs came out, and I cannot think of a single
time that I've reamed out a screw, with the exception of one of those very
fine pitch thread screws the CDROM manufacturers seem to like. If you're
re-threading the hole everytime, perhaps you should take it a little easier
on the poor PC case :-)

        I do have one theory that applies to PCs and cars: If you fail to shed
blood and appease the gods, it will not work when you're done.


> I should have been more specific... the screws to which I am
> referring are those commonly provided for securing the cards
> in their slots. And they shed metal not only from the screw
> but from the rear of the chassis they thread into.
> In fact, everytime you insert one of these, it has a 50%
> chance of rethreading the hole.
> Look at them carefully... they have a noticable taper.
> That's *one* way to encourage them to stay put.
> -dq
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