Pr1marily Contented (Longish)

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 22:52:30 2002

  Ya know, there's a fairly well fleshed out 2450 sitting in the garage
below me right now, along with a load of 9trk tapes and shelves full of
(mostly OS and APP) doc.. if there's some thing else you need, drop me
a line off-list and I'll see what can be done.

  This particular system boots after the drives warm up - so we're looking
desultorily for another SMD swap drive and a couple of spare Seagate
Sabres... but the machine does work - it even has an I/O card, and cable,
that matches the Dataproducts 300 we have.

  Also, there are about 40 serial I/O cables, if you need a couple,
perhaps something could be worked out.

  I rescued this computer from 'push it off the loading dock into the
dumpster if no one wants it' , and now it has been transferred to the
custody of a friend of mine, who I'm visiting right now.... FYI.


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