Soldering and other skills (was Re: QL-Quality (Was: ZX-81 Question))

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 14:37:40 2002


Dave McGuire <> said:
> On April 1, Stan Barr wrote:
> > I've been soldering now for around 45 years, and I used to do a lot
> > of bullet casting so I've handled a *lot* of lead in my time.
> > I was taken ill a few years ago with some symptons that could be
> > remotely explained by heavy metal poisoning so I was thoroughly tested.
> > My lead levels were right on the average for someone living in an
> > urban environment. So if you're sensible I don't see a problem.
> > Don't eat sandwiches while you're soldering...and wash your hands when
> > you're done ;-) Lead in gasoline (petrol over here) was a bigger
> > problem.
> What did those heavy metal teste involve, if you don't mind my
> asking?

Blood tests mostly, I seem to remember (I was getting a lot of those!).
They were just precautionary because of my long-term contact with lead,
and occasionally mercury many years before.

> > Resin flux is a known carcinogen, so don't breathe the fumes.
> Oh, yuck, I didn't know that...I think I'll invest in one of those
> filtered blowers.

It's not _very_ dangerous, more of a long-term risk, but enough to
be worth taking care...
Stan Barr
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