Computers Manufactured in 1986

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> > Which SGI would actually have an R2000?
> Um, none of them. IIRC, R3000 was the first chip that SGI
> used from MIPS. There are other systems that use them, including
> some (I have some r2ks, I think) made by MIPS, themselves.

Nah, the IP4 and IP4.5 CPUs (as used in the 4D/50, /70, /80, and /85) were
both R2000. The IP4 at 12.5 MHz, and the IP4.5 at 16.

> An SGI from that period is something like the IRIS 2000, or
> possibly by then IRIS 3000, which was very large and based
> around a motorola 68k chip of some sort.

Yes, the IRIS 2000-series were contemporary in 1986. The 3000-series (and
2000-series Turbo machines) were introduced right around or shortly after

The 2000-series used MC68010 CPUs. I don't recall the clock rate off the
top of my head, but I'd guess in the 8-12 MHz range.

The 3000-series used an MC68020, at 16 MHz. Same as the Macintosh II.

> Great machines, but they don't fit your relatively low power
> requirement, and they're as large as your desk easily. :)

Surely not quite that large, though I guess he might have a small desk. (;

I have a 3130 (1987) in a fairly unrealistically 'large' configuration,
and I don't think it draws any more than 7A at 120V. There are worse

It's there in the middle of this (poor) photograph, between two Onyx RE2s
(1994) at the far end, and, at the near end, an AS/400 9406-500 (1997) and
a Symbolics 3650 (1986).

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