Computers Manufactured in 1986

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 17:52:34 2002

The Mac!


How about a nice Apollo workstation?

"Douglas H. Quebbeman" wrote:

> >
> > Pardon the ignorance here,
> >
> > But which would you guys consider to be the most
> > modernly functional one of the 1986 bunch?
> >
> > (What I am trying to do together here is get a setup of only stuff made in
> > 1986.... It'd be neat to have a system exactly the same age as me :))
> I do believe most of us had that figured out.
> This list isn't really about modern computers. But hands down, the
> Macintosh would be the most modern of the bunch. Although it's
> not color-capable, the user interface is has is what Bill Gates stole
> from Apple and used to build Windows. So you'd be most at home
> there.
> I've been a Mac advocate from the beginning, but for my own purposes,
> computers with operating systems that provide a text-mode shell, such
> as the *nixen and its derivitives, VMS, Primos, DOS, are preferable. As
> someone with a tiny bit of a math background, the ability you gain with
> a sophisticated command-line environment is great. In most of these
> operating systems, you can string commands togther like factors in
> an equation, and perform complex transformations on sets of files all
> at once. Hard to do that with a Graphical User Interface.
> To the List: Was the AT&T 3B2 still being made in '86? If so, there's a
> good choice for him. I even know where he could get one...
> -dq
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