Computers Manufactured in 1986

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 06:14:08 2002

> Pardon the ignorance here,
> But which would you guys consider to be the most
> modernly functional one of the 1986 bunch?
> (What I am trying to do together here is get a setup of only stuff made in
> 1986.... It'd be neat to have a system exactly the same age as me :))

I do believe most of us had that figured out.

This list isn't really about modern computers. But hands down, the
Macintosh would be the most modern of the bunch. Although it's
not color-capable, the user interface is has is what Bill Gates stole
from Apple and used to build Windows. So you'd be most at home

I've been a Mac advocate from the beginning, but for my own purposes,
computers with operating systems that provide a text-mode shell, such
as the *nixen and its derivitives, VMS, Primos, DOS, are preferable. As
someone with a tiny bit of a math background, the ability you gain with
a sophisticated command-line environment is great. In most of these
operating systems, you can string commands togther like factors in
an equation, and perform complex transformations on sets of files all
at once. Hard to do that with a Graphical User Interface.

To the List: Was the AT&T 3B2 still being made in '86? If so, there's a
good choice for him. I even know where he could get one...


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