Computers Manufactured in 1986

From: Allison <>
Date: Wed Apr 3 08:00:25 2002

From: Ethan Dicks <>
>DECmate? I think the DM-III(+) was sold until 1994. I'd have to look up
>what model was contemporary to 1986; I'd guess the DECmate-II.

DMII was maybe 83ish.

>The question is, though, is this thread about computers you could
>walk down the street and _buy_ in 1986, or ones that were _introduced_
>in 1986? The second is a much smaller list, naturally.

That would generally exclude much with 386 or higher.

'86 was the Z100 series, last of the CP/M-80 machines like Kaypros
and Compupro S100 crates. Microvax-I was there and VAXMATE
was just around the corner (integrated 286 boxen). It was also a point
on the broad 286 peak. The Workstation wars were warming up around
then as well, this would lead to Sun, Apollo, DECstations{mips} and
later VAXstations.

Biggest impression of '86, WYSIWYG printing and Graphical screens
making a big surge.

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