When programming is outlawed, only outlaws will program

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> > > On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Doc wrote:
> > > > > You may as well put Fred in jail for Xenocopy, in fact ;)
> > > > They probably will, very soon. :(
> > >
> > > Did John Draper write "Easy Writer" WHILE he was in jail?
> >
> > Now, that's the story he told me ... or well, at least
> > what my memory tells me he said. I'm geting old.

> Here's an early reference, from the comments of the source code
> to FIG-FORTH 1.1 dated 17-September-1979, one year after I met
> him on exit from Harrisville:

> ; EASYWRITER (word processor for APPLE
> ; by CapN' SOFTWARE) $100.00

> So it appears it was an Apple II package before it was an IBM package.

Of course it was - I always thought we are talking
about the Apple Version. The IBM port was later on
developed. As a fun fact he told me that they used
an 8086 S100 system from Seattle Computer Products
for development, since they didn't get any hardware
info from IBM, except that the CPU is an Intel 8086.

So when the IBM guys finaly came around with a super
secret PC prototyp - only to be given to them for
one day and only while the IBM staff was at site,
they managed to get the Easy Writer working within
two hours or so ...

Well, I liked the sory anyway.


BTW: who remembers the key combination to get into
forth from within the Apple version ?

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