Shoddy Hardware (Was: Re: WW fixtures (was Re: "New" PDP-8))

From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 08:13:31 2002

BA is British Association. I think 2BA and 4BA are the most common sizes
we might see. UNC is Unified Coarse which is almost, but not quite, the
same as ANC. BA is not Whitworth.

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Chad Fernandez wrote:

> Tony Duell wrote:
> >>If your screws aren't 6x32's already, the easiest and probably most practical
> >>thing to do is get a 6x32 roll-tap, and "fix" the application so you can get
> >>the "right" screws whenever you need.
> >
> >
> > Fine in the States, but have you tried getting 6-32 screws (or any small
> > UNC screws) over in the UK? They are essentially unobtainable. ISO metric
> > (M3) are trivial to get, so are the strange 'BA' screws (strange because
> > of the 47.5 degree thread angle foe one thing!).
> What is UNC, and BA? Is BA WHitworth?
> I rarely find computers (pc's) that use "American" threaded screws.....
> probably becasue so much of the stuff is from China :-(
> Chad Fernandez
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