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From: Doc <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 12:21:39 2002

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, John Allain wrote:

> While we're on flashlights I really should rave again
> for white LED ones. My favorite can cast a 150
> degree solid pyramid of pure white light, absent of
> any filament artifacts, for 10 hours off one 9v battery.
> If you turn it down 1 notch, you get 100 hours life.
> These things are incredible.

  They _are_ incredible. And since we're on the "Stupid Laws and
Legislators" kick this week, here's another one. I can't verify it,
  One of Austin's City Councilmen wanted to draft an ordinance against
carrying the LED flashlights, as they could be used as a "stunner" in
robberies, rapes, etc. The word I got, from a stenographer, was that he
was temporarily blinded by one. The one he had in his own hand, that
is. He was looking at it in the store, pointed it at his face, and,
yes, you guessed it, pushed the button.
  What a maroon. These are the dolts who get to decide what I can and
cannot do.

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