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From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 12:34:57 2002

And thusly Doc spake:
> They _are_ incredible. And since we're on the "Stupid Laws and
> Legislators" kick this week, here's another one. I can't verify it,
> though.
> One of Austin's City Councilmen wanted to draft an ordinance against
> carrying the LED flashlights, as they could be used as a "stunner" in
> robberies, rapes, etc. The word I got, from a stenographer, was that he
> was temporarily blinded by one. The one he had in his own hand, that
> is. He was looking at it in the store, pointed it at his face, and,
> yes, you guessed it, pushed the button.
> What a maroon. These are the dolts who get to decide what I can and
> cannot do.

Now see.. this is what is supposed to *remove* these people from the gene
pool!!!!!!!! At least the Darwin awards do.... :>


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