CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Tom Leffingwell <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 15:48:31 2002

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> While not as fast as the CMD controllers the Viking/QDT is a good solid
> controller. What version are the ROMs on it? You need a fairly new
> version to support CD-ROMs. This is the controller that I use on my
> PDP-11/73 (in fact I just booted off of CD-ROM this morning). I know for a
> fact that it will talk to a DEC RRD-42 CD-ROM (which I like since it's a
> caddy drive).

My Viking/QDT has a sticker that says Q/B A3.2 on what I believe to be the
ROM. I think the 200 CMD controller is consierably lower performance than
the 220, but then again, when replacing an RX02, performance really isn't
an issue. Hopefully the CMD controller will support the CD-ROM. I have
an RRD42 that I could temporarily swipe from another system for testing.

I wish I had a way to boot with the Viking, although I guess I could type
in the bootstrap, but that's annoying. Also, I'm not sure my 18-bit
backplane will work with the Viking. I do have rev E2 or something of the
M8186 11/23 board, which as far as I know supports 22-bit addressing.

If the Viking will work in an 18-bit setup, its probably worth trying to
manually bootstrap it for the purposes of testing different CD-ROMs.
> Before I got the Quad-Hieght /73, which has onboard bootstrap and console
> port) I had a dual-height /73 without the onboard bootstrap. At that point
> I had a WQESD ESDI controller in the system whose only purpose was booting
> the system and a DLV11J for the console port. I've still got the DLV11J in
> there as well as a RQDX3 in the system that's only there to drive the RX50
> floppies.
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