GEM OS was: CP/M and Imsai

From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 15:53:18 2002

> keeping them on the retroactive site. The Atari subdirectory is empty. Was
> it your intention to fill it as you have with the Heath one ?
Oh, I'll definately be keeping the stuff on the retroarchive site. You
should also check out - that's where all the real
GEM magic happens.

The Atari stuff is barren because I don't have the time right now to do
anything with it. I've go tthis F-15C on my back that eats all my time.

> I've asked this before, but how close is the Commodore GEOS to the Gem
> one ? The desktop at least is virtually identical. Does it have an underlying
> system greatly different from TOS and AES(?) ?
> Lawrence

GEOS and GEM are similarly functioning products built by two completely
different vendors. There is no code commonality between them at all.

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