SIMTEL 8051 Archive Stuff Redux

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 15:52:58 2002


A few weeks ago, I mentioned I'd archived the 8051 stuff
from the SIMTEL archive. As it turns out, the QIC-80 tape
they're on must have stretched, and I only wrote one set
of that stuff.

I thought I had it on the hard drive, but all that was
left was:
          ML-ASM51 Metalink 8051 Macro Assembler
          BASIC-52 BASIC-52 source
          BASIC31 (BASIC52 adapted for 8031)
          DIS8051F 8051 disassembler
          DISASM51 another one
          8051-FAQ.TXT what it says
          00FILES yada
          00README yada
          8051STUF.LOG FTP directory of what was there
          CLOCK.ASM clock program

I may have floppies with the stuff, so I'll keep looking...


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