CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Tom Leffingwell <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 19:44:04 2002

I plan to do the copy/boot in exchange:

EXCHANGE> help copy/boot




        This qualifier copies bootstrap information from a monitor
        file to blocks 0 and 2 through 5 of an RT-11 volume,
        permitting you to use that volume as a system volume. The
        COPY/BOOT operation does not create any files on the volume,
        it is a special purpose command to create bootable RT-11

        RT-11 Version 1 through Version 3 monitors had the system
        device handler linked into the monitor image. For Version 4
        of RT-11, the system device handler uses the standard device
        handler, and the COPY /BOOT command must dynamically link
        the handler into the bootstrap area. COPY /BOOT will auto-
        matically sense whether the monitor file is an early or late
        monitor, and perform this extra step if required. It finds
        the default handler for the specific device type, and merges
        the handler with the monitor as it is copied to the boot

        The optional value on the /BOOT qualifier is used to over-
        ride the choice of the default handler. The most frequent
        use of this value occurs when a floppy is mounted in an RX02
        drive, but it is desired to create a floppy bootable from an
        RX01 drive (obviously, the floppy must be single density).
        The default handler for the RX02 is DY.SYS, and the handler
        needed for the RX01 is DX.SYS. Therefore, one would use the
        command COPY /BOOT=DX to make an RX01 bootable system. Do
        not specify /BOOT=nn for V3 and earlier systems, choose the
        monitor file DYMNxx.SYS or DXMNxx.SYS as the source file.

        The /BOOT qualifier only allows a single parameter, the name
        of the monitor file. The /BOOT qualifier cannot be combined
        with qualifiers other than /LOG.

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Jerome H. Fine wrote:

> What I am curious about is how you are able to run the program
> DUP.SAV which is what you are doing with the command
> when you are running Exchange under VMS. If you mean
> that you will first boot RT-11 on the PDP-11 after you
> have copied V5.03 of RT-11 to the SCSI hard drive, that
> I can understand - although be careful - since your RX02
> files are for V4.00 of RT-11, you will first need to put a
> set of V5.03 files on an RX02 floppy and boot that. If
> I am mixed up about your system, please explain. Maybe
> Exchange under VMS allows the command
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