CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Thu Apr 4 18:05:25 2002

>Tom Leffingwell wrote:

> I think what I'll do at this point is try to make an image with
> exchange of v5.03 with my program and all, and copy as well as copy/boot
> it to a scsi disk on the vax, and then move it to the PDP. Assuming I get
> far enough to get that working, I'd then experiment with getting it on the
> CD. I did end up coming across a Viking/QDT SCSI controller, but it
> doesn't have bootstrap, and I don't have a BDV11, nor do I have room for
> one. I may buy a CQD-200, as they are a lot cheaper than the the CQD-220.
> I'd be willing to trade the Viking if anyone wants to swap.

Jerome Fine replies:

Starting with a SCSI hard drive is an excellent method. Right now I
can use that technique to move files between any system that I have
which has a SCSI interface. Although just a bit more complicated
than using a Magneto Optical drive, these days the low capacity
SCSI hard drives (under 2 GBytes) are very inexpensive.

Note that under VMS Exchange, you may be limited to just ONE
RT-11 partition, i.e. partition zero. It was over 10 years ago when
I used Exchange under VMS and the RT-11 partition default was

What I am curious about is how you are able to run the program
DUP.SAV which is what you are doing with the command
when you are running Exchange under VMS. If you mean
that you will first boot RT-11 on the PDP-11 after you
have copied V5.03 of RT-11 to the SCSI hard drive, that
I can understand - although be careful - since your RX02
files are for V4.00 of RT-11, you will first need to put a
set of V5.03 files on an RX02 floppy and boot that. If
I am mixed up about your system, please explain. Maybe
Exchange under VMS allows the command

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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