should I take RM03's ?

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 00:35:21 2002

On April 5, Gooijen H wrote:
> I need some advise.
> In 3 weeks time Edward and I drive to Italy (some 1100 km)
> to pick up several PDP-11/70 parts.
> I have the oppertunity to drag 2 RM03 massbus drives and
> some packs back home. Now I know already that these drives
> weigh about 200 kilo, have a disk capacity of 67 Mb and
> are really power-hungry: at 240 V/50 Hz. stand-by is 3.5 A.
> running they consume 11.5 A. and rush-in current is 22 A.
> My experience is that DEC tend to give high numbers for the
> power consumption, but do these drives eat that much current?
> Are they worth preserving? Or should I leave them where they are?
> Next to the 11/70 is looks great (IMHO) but I would love to hear
> some opinions from other collectors.

  A.K.A. CDC 9762 with a Massbus<->SMD adapter in the bottom. Nice
drives. I powered two of them on a 110V 15A long as I
spun them up sequentially to let the starting surge die down, the
breaker stayed closed. I never measured the actual current draw, but
that sorta says it. :)

  If you have the space, grab 'em! :-)


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