should I take RM03's ?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 13:06:33 2002

--- Dave McGuire <> wrote:
> On April 5, Gooijen H wrote:
> > I have the oppertunity to drag 2 RM03 massbus drives and
> > some packs back home.
> A.K.A. CDC 9762 with a Massbus<->SMD adapter in the bottom....

Sort of. I worked for a DEC reseller in the summer of 1998. He
picked up a couple of RM03s cheap and wanted to hook them to one
of our PDP-11s through some Emulex or similar SMD interface. The
idea was to pull the cables out of the adapter, run them into the
Emulex card, and turn an RM03 back into a 9762.

The quick answer was we were unable to make it work. We even borrowed
some cards from a real 9762 and swapped them into the card cage in the
RM03 (the one near the positioner magnet). It didn't help.

DEC must have made some change outside of ECOs to the cards that
made the drive only work with their Massbus converter.

> If you have the space, grab 'em! :-)

Agreed. I know that I've been asked for RM03s from folks with KS10s
and the like. All of my SMD drives are Fujitsu Eagles and the like.
I could _use_ an RM03 if I wanted to, but I'd rather use a lighter,
less rare disk than that these days, except for demonstration purposes.
If you don't grab them now, you'll probably never see another one later.


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