"When programming is outlawed, only outlaws will program""

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Fri Apr 5 02:06:37 2002

> >Perhaps it's his penchant for asking young hacker boys to come home with
> >him and "share massages" so that he would feel comfortable discussing his
> >past with them.

> For me as young cute hacker magazine writer, it was the
> invitation / demand that a good time to do the interview
> would be while "working out" with him in the hotel gym.
> No other time would work. I declined...

Well, either I was just not cute enough to get, or not
fluent enough in English to understand such an offer
when he stayed with us.


Now, thinking again, maybe one of my friends was cuter
and stole him from me ... theese Bastards !


SCNR - I'd considere him just average weired, and I know
a lot more people where I would deny that I know em. His
personal pleasures are his business, and I still can say
no. Well, blame it on my low moral values, I'm European.

TBOTA - He did some stuff wich is OT to this list because
of the historic relevance.


P.S.:After all, I like back rubs too ... my only fault is
that I'd rather let some 20 year old girls do the job...

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