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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 11:18:36 2002

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> From: Robert Schaefer []

> It's a neat little toy. I came across the PCMCIA controller
> card for one a
> few weeks ago and ended up finding more about the -e than the
> card itself.
> IIRC the model number is 9533-- put that in the search and
> you should end up
> with some good hits. I just found
> in an old msg
> to myself. If
> it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a good read.

Thanks. That was informative. It seems the 387 math-co is
"optional," so it's good that I have it. I also think there's some
extra RAM in there. (Above the 4M they claim are on the board)

Reminds me very much of the intel-based "multia" systems, which
are about the same size, and about as well integrated.

A related question would be, does anyone know a cheap source of
PCMCIA boards? Specifically, to actually use this thing, I'll want
an ethernet adaptor (10Mb), and probably some linear flash. Some
SRAM that will operate at (is the low voltage 3 or 1.5 on those?)
the lower voltage would probably be good too.

(where...) Can one still get PCMCIA hard disks that will work in
this thing too?

I do have a specific and on-topic reason for wanting the flash and
SRAM boards. I intend to use the machine as a way of bootstraping
a Minix installation for my "Poqet PC," if I can manage it. The
Poqet will read linear flash, but not write it, and will read and
write SRAM.


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