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From: Robert F Schaefer <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 12:33:18 2002

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>> It's a neat little toy. I came across the PCMCIA controller
>> card for one a
>> few weeks ago and ended up finding more about the -e than the
>> card itself.
>> IIRC the model number is 9533-- put that in the search and
>> you should end up
>> with some good hits. I just found
>> in an old msg
>> to myself. If
>> it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a good read.
> Thanks. That was informative. It seems the 387 math-co is
> "optional," so it's good that I have it. I also think there's some
> extra RAM in there. (Above the 4M they claim are on the board)
> Reminds me very much of the intel-based "multia" systems, which
> are about the same size, and about as well integrated.
> A related question would be, does anyone know a cheap source of
> PCMCIA boards? Specifically, to actually use this thing, I'll want an
> ethernet adaptor (10Mb), and probably some linear flash. Some
> SRAM that will operate at (is the low voltage 3 or 1.5 on those?)
> the lower voltage would probably be good too.
> (where...) Can one still get PCMCIA hard disks that will work in
> this thing too?
> I do have a specific and on-topic reason for wanting the flash and SRAM
> boards. I intend to use the machine as a way of bootstraping a Minix
> installation for my "Poqet PC," if I can manage it. The
> Poqet will read linear flash, but not write it, and will read and
> write SRAM.

I can't help you much there, but it sounds like a fun project, I hope you
can get it working.

I noticed there is a dutch auction for 5 (IIRC) of these on epay currently,
with an opening bid of $50/ea. Too much for me, but I thought I'd pass it
along in case anyone else is looking for 'em. The seller claims to have
the PCMCIA controllers as well, for an additional $20/ea. :( Reminds me
of the local thrift stores-- keyboard, box, monitor, printer all priced
seperately (& the same, usually ~$15-$50 each part, but that's a different

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