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Date: Fri Apr 5 14:08:14 2002

This all depends on which model Poqet you have. The information on Brian's
site applies to the first two models, the "Classic" (PQ-0164) and the
"Prime" (PQ-0181). The last model, the "Plus", _can_ use SanDisk Flash cards
up to at least 110MB. See It can also
handle certain PCMCIA modems, which the Classic and Prime cannot.


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> > > Specifically, to actually use this thing, I'll want an
> > > ethernet adaptor (10Mb), and probably some linear flash.

> Linear FLASH? You mean unlike the ATA cards for cameras? The two
> kinds of PCMCIA memory cards I'm aware of have two completely
> different

Now you've made me go and look it up ;)

>From the Poqet PC FAQ:

What kind of Flash cards can I used in the Poqet PC?
There are two kinds of flash cards. The Poqet PC can read from, but
not write to, "linear" flash cards (sometimes called "Intel" flash)
cards. These flash cards must be formatted and programmed with the
"pseudo-floppy" format on another computer, and then they function
as ROM disks in the Poqet PC.

"SanDisk" flash cards, named after the company that produces them
(SanDisk corporation was known as "SunDisk" until mid 1995), are
commonly available for other palmtop computers like the HP 95/100/
200LX. SanDisk flash cards cannot be used in the Poqet PC.


In other words, yes... "linear" flash. :)
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