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From: James B. DiGriz <jbdigriz_at_dragonsweb.org>
Date: Fri Apr 5 14:07:31 2002

Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:
>>I know a couple of girls whose daddy once took his TV out on the front
>>lawn and commenced to blast it to smithereens with one a them thar evul
>>shotguns. Concerned neighbors called the law. When they arrived, he
>>declaimed, "It's my damned TV and I can do what I want with it in my own
>>god-damned $_at_!%# yard!" Since there was no law prohibiting discharge of
>>fireams in that town at that time, there wasn't much they felt inclined
>>to do about it.
> My freshman year in college, I took a double-bladed axe to a
> 1971 Vega that failed to get me to what might have been the
> date of dates... it had developed a case of milkshake lubrication
> (i.e. water leaked into oil)... this after putting a new head
> gasket on it.
> Clarksville still lacks am axe ordinance... ;)
> -Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (DougQ at ixnayamspayIgLou.com) [Call me "Doug"]
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Axe, eh? Funny you should mention that. Speaking of malicious gossip.
Let's just say if you come between sisters and wake up the ol'
green-eyed monster, be prepared for the consequences. You might as well
enjoy yourself while you can, though, cause you're sure as hell gonna
pay for it, whether you do or not.

All this car talk keeps reminding me I need to fix my truck so I can
haul old computers and stuff. 77' Dodge with a 318, worn cam bushings,
maybe bent camshaft. Timing jumps all over the place, even with new
distributor, chain, and gears. Bottom end is tight, and compression is
good, but I think I'll go through it completely anyway.

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