Need Micro/RSX and PDP-11/53 help

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Apr 7 01:46:50 2002

  Continuing saga of Friday nights haul:

  When I emailed Terry that I'd pick up the MicroVAX, and we made the
arrangements, he told me, "By the way, as long as you haul off that
rack, you're welcome to take the PDP-11 and the PDP-8." Naturally, I
made that further concession....
  The PDP-8/A is in pretty sorry shape, at first glance. It's on hold
till I have time to go over it and figure out what's there and what it
needs. Probably a couple of weeks.
  Anyway. the 11/53 is in good shape, inspected, cleaned, and back
together. It has Micro/RSX installed on DU0, and not only is it Greek
to me, but I've been Googling for 3 hours, and haven't found a coherent
description or command reference.
  Moreover, I don't see any software at all available to run on
Micro/RSX. Are RSX-11 utilities binary-compatible? Any suggestions as
to a next step? Pointers at the Micro/RSX Users' Group would be handy.

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