Need Micro/RSX and PDP-11/53 help

From: David Barnes <>
Date: Sun Apr 7 11:30:40 2002

Install BSD Unix on the 11/53...

Doc Shipley wrote:

> Continuing saga of Friday nights haul:
> When I emailed Terry that I'd pick up the MicroVAX, and we made the
> arrangements, he told me, "By the way, as long as you haul off that
> rack, you're welcome to take the PDP-11 and the PDP-8." Naturally, I
> made that further concession....
> The PDP-8/A is in pretty sorry shape, at first glance. It's on hold
> till I have time to go over it and figure out what's there and what it
> needs. Probably a couple of weeks.
> Anyway. the 11/53 is in good shape, inspected, cleaned, and back
> together. It has Micro/RSX installed on DU0, and not only is it Greek
> to me, but I've been Googling for 3 hours, and haven't found a coherent
> description or command reference.
> Moreover, I don't see any software at all available to run on
> Micro/RSX. Are RSX-11 utilities binary-compatible? Any suggestions as
> to a next step? Pointers at the Micro/RSX Users' Group would be handy.
> Doc

David Barnes
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