need the use of a scanner with sheet feeder (near Seattle if possible)

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 08:01:26 2002

> > > I don't see any taint on mine -- all the holes look the same
> > > shape to me. Can you give example titles? Perhaps they changed
> > > their methods after a certain date.
> >
> >
> >
> > Should be obvious over on the left, center...
> Mine doesn't have an enlarged hole like that -- as I said,
> all the holes are the same size.
> Is there an extra thickness of paper (like those hole reinforcers
> you can buy) or is the "margin" on the inner edge of the hole
> just too thin to be sheet-fed?

Too thin. Intuitively, I thought I'd get better results
(fewer rips) by feeding the opposite edge into the gripper.
But more taint tore that way than when fed in hole-edge
first. And in the old days, I did repair pages using
the hole reinforcers (back before they were self-adhesive
and thinner than they are now), and the result is that
the manual takes up twise as much space in the binder.

No, I want to meet the genius who invented this binding
system. Like GBC but not GBC.

I also would like to find a connection for the yellow
construction-paper (not really but that's close) that
CDC used for the 70s era covers. Some mill in Minneapolis
must have a ton of it laying around...


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