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From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 08:21:08 2002

Ethan Dicks said:
> IBM has things like the "MicroDrive", but modern PCMCIA disks tend
> to specifically be "CompactFlash Type III" - you can get CF->PCMCIA
> adapters cheap, but you'll probably have to alter them mechanically
> to provide clearance for the HDA of a MicroDrive. I do not know
> the physical height off the top of my head, but the PS-2/E card is
> "quad type-I, dual type-II" - meaning that if you found an old
> PCMCIA hard disk that was Type-III, you'd have a mechanical interference
> problem. Dunno about MicroDrives.

I have a 1GB microdrive -- it's a CF type II device. You can get a
CF-II->PCMCIA-I adapter that will let you plug the microdrive into a pcmcia
slot. It shows up a as PCMCIA ATA device...pretty cool.

- Dan Wright

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