Does anyone have a live VT52?

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 16:08:36 2002

> Allison wrote:
>You can use any dec terminal, set it to VT52 mode
>and then try the results. The Video SRM (dec internal)
>made the behavour a standard for all VT52/100/220/320
>and all the rest.

        My quick check of the the VT102 and VT220 manuals
        does not show "ESC /" as a recognised emulated
        VT52 sequence. The VT100 manual makes it quite
        clear how to react to random ESCape sequences.
        It is pretty silent on VT52 emulation mode. I suspect
        the VSRM is too (if we still have one in
        the office, I'll check tomorrow).

        When I wrote a VT102 emulator, many moons
        ago, I know that since most VT52 escape
        sequences were of the form "ESC x" then
        I would have ignored "ESC x" for an
        unrecognised "x" and displayed
        "ABC" when fed "A ESC / BC". It seems
        that real VT terminals do not do this.

        The only way to determine whether the VT1xx
        is a faithful VT52 emulator is to see what
        a real VT52 does. (Or read the schematics,
        which I believe are online).

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