Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...

From: Chris Craft <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 16:11:03 2002

Just a question... do they ever get AS/400 stuff? I need a keyboard and some
cables for a 3151? terminal and the twinax to plug 'em together.

Tnx es 73

On Tuesday 09 April 2002 12:43, you wrote:
> I went in over lunch to see what was new/old, and discovered they are
> closing for inventory for a few weeks, but when they reopen in May,
> they will only be open one day a week. The idea is that they will post
> stuff to a web page so you can see what's worth a trip down on the single
> day they do business. The guys who work there seem to think that
> management
> doesn't understand that stuff won't flow out as fast and they'll have
> a backlog. They figure the new hours will last as long as the floor space
> does.
> In the meantime, they had PowerMac 6100s for $5, 7100s for $10-$15 (I left
> them there; already have a 6100; just got an AV monitor from them for $5)
> I also saw a couple of A-sized HP pen plotters, a bunch of free 14" VGA
> monitors (probably to clear them out before inventory) and the usual
> desks and IBM Selectric typewriters and $10 laser printers.
> I did pick up a few things...
> Tektronix 502A dual-beam scope *with* Tek tilt cart
> Heath ES-600 function generator (q. 2)
> DEST PC SCAN 2000 (free)
> NEC Multisync 2A (free) (would have been two, but the second one let out
> the magic smoke).
> Apple 20MB SCSI drive (old Mac or late Apple II)
> Misc Sun SCSI, video and serial cables (free - being a regular customer
> has its benefits, like knowing they allow you to take a dip into the
> large box of assorted cables when purchasing items (no sign above the
> box); they don't require a one-to-one match-up of cables to items, so I
> get a lot of Mac and Sun goodies that way. They just don't want to
> price the cables or keep them with the items for sale, so they all go in
> a big box if they are not attached to things).
> I must have missed some SGI stuff - they had a couple of SGI keyboards on
> the keyboard shelf. Their new hours are going to be a pain. Ah, well.
> -ethan
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