Half on, half off -- New CD-R drive and 512-byte blocks

From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Tue Apr 9 16:27:50 2002

I do know, from experience, that any SCSI Plextor CDROM/CD-R/CD-RW will boot
basically anything -- Sparc, SGI, RS/6000, HP,.... I've tried plextors of
varying ages (old 8plex caddy-loader up to a 12/4/32 CD-RW that's about 1 year
old) and they all work great...

Christopher Smith said:
> Hi everybody. This isn't strictly on topic, but I think the intent
> of the question makes it close enough.
> I just bought a new CD-RW drive -- a Sony CRX145s -- and am curious
> about whether it may read the 512-byte blocks necessary for using it
> as a backup boot device on my VAXen, Sparc, SGI, etc.
> Does anyone know whether this, or just for information, some other
> CD-RW unit, will do such a thing?
> Note that I do know that discs are written in 2048 byte blocks, and
> the answer won't affect its performance in writing disks on these
> systems. I am also aware that doing this for the long term may
> needlessly shorten the life of the drive. As I said above, it is
> more for curiosity, and eventually I would like to know that in case
> my RRD42 dies, I have a backup. :)
> Chris
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> Amdocs - Champaign, IL
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- Dan Wright

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