Half on, half off -- New CD-R drive and 512-byte blocks

From: Alexander Schreiber <als_at_thangorodrim.de>
Date: Wed Apr 10 20:54:08 2002

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 04:27:50PM -0500, Dan Wright wrote:
> I do know, from experience, that any SCSI Plextor CDROM/CD-R/CD-RW will boot
> basically anything -- Sparc, SGI, RS/6000, HP,.... I've tried plextors of
> varying ages (old 8plex caddy-loader up to a 12/4/32 CD-RW that's about 1 year
> old) and they all work great...

In this case, I've got bad news or you. You might be out of luck trying
this with a VAXstation 3100. My VAXstation 3100 started to boot the VMS 7.1
install CD, but barfed halfway through loading the kernel. I was not
happy with either the 4x, the 8x or the 12 SCSI Plextor, nor with the
Toshiba drive (all set to 512 byte/sector). Ripping a DEC RRD42 out of
one of my DECstations finally did the trick. Seems like this machines
are rather ... touchy about what they boot from.

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