Does anyone have a live VT52?

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 17:41:18 2002

>Ooh, you tease! Any chance of that
>document escaping altogether?

        Assuming it's still there, and that you get Boundless
        and/or COMPAQ (and/or HP if you don't get your
        skates on ...) to OK it, then there should be no problem :-)

>They are online, but the schematics don't list the contents of the

        I thought you had a VT52 - so just dump the ROM. Actually,
        dump the ROM anyway - it must be past its sell-by date by now!

>Of course, deliberate decisions are made about how faithful a later
>model would be when emulating an earlier one. After all, a VT220 in
>VT100 mode doesn't emulate a VT100; it emulates a VT102 (or VT100
>Level 2 Editing Extension, if you like).

        Yes - and I doubt that the VT52 emulator
        makes *any* attempt at emulating the VT52
        quirks. In fact, it's quite possible that noone
        knew all the VT52 quirks and so the VSRM may
        have required only adherence to the published
        VT52 information (which admittedly may have
        had internal-use-only enhancements).

        When I wrote that VT102 emulator, way back
        when, the customer for whom we were
        implementing it had requested VT103 emulation
        on the basis that it was a higher number
        than VT102 and so must be better. I never
        saw one in real life but the manual documented
        it as a VT100 + LSI bus (no, I did not implement
        the LSI bus ...). I suppose I should just
        count myslef lucky that they didn't happen to
        know about the VT105 or VT125 or VT131/VT132!

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