Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 17:43:25 2002

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Tektronix 502A dual-beam scope *with* Tek tilt cart

I bought a 502 and a 502A for a total of $5 last year at auction. I've not
yet powered them up, as they need to be restored, but I have located a
source for service manuals. If you want a copy of the manual, and don't
mind waiting awhile, I'm going to be ordering them along with quite a few
other Tek manuals. Anyone else out there a Tektronix fan/collector?

> Heath ES-600 function generator (q. 2)

Nice...I believe you can get manuals for these too, but they have to be
obtained from a 3rd party, since Heath no longer offers them.

> NEC Multisync 2A (free) (would have been two, but the second one let
> out the magic smoke).

I'm viewing this text on one of those right now. It does currently need
some caps replaced, but works good after it warms up ;)

The second monitor probably blew one of the transistors in the switching
supply. I've seen quite a few of the old 2A monitors do that. It's often
caused by (you guessed it) bad caps.

> I must have missed some SGI stuff - they had a couple of SGI keyboards
> on the keyboard shelf. Their new hours are going to be a pain. Ah,
> well.

Do keyboards and mice for the old 4D systems turn up very often? I've been
needing to track some down, but I haven't bothered since I don't have room
to set the systems up for normal use yet. I'll probably end up using a
dumb terminal more often than the console anyway.

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