COCO 2 available

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 19:23:09 2002

Under the mistaken notion that there'd be a WD1772 inside, I snagged a CoCo2
at the loca thrift shop. It was in what appeared to be the original box and
didn't look beaten up, having a Radio Shack receipt I haven't yet examined in
the box with it. I did look inside, and found it didn't have the desired
part, so, if someone wants it, it's yours for $5 + the cost of USPS freight.
There's not much inside, other than the socketed components, of which I
already have plenty, so I'd just as soon find it a home as scavenge parts and
toss the rest. I'm still hot for one or more of those 1772's, though.

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