Twinax (was Re: Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...)

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 19:44:58 2002

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Subject: Twinax (was Re: Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...)

> --- Chris Craft <> wrote:
> > Just a question... do they ever get AS/400 stuff? I need a keyboard and
> > some cables for a 3151? terminal and the twinax to plug 'em together.
> Never. This is Unix and Mac-land.
> I do happen to have some twinax baluns from a former tenant of a
> shop that my former employer took over. They previous guys had an AS/400
> and terminals on peoples' desks. The best computer in the place was a
> 486 tower, in 2000! They were in the forklift business - this was some
> sort of documentation center for the company.

I despair of ever getting my AS400 working. I have the machine, I have the
necessary adapter in the machine, I have terminals, I have twinax.
I don't have the 25 pin d to 8x twinax connector gizmo (I can supply an IBM
part no). I've had a few offered to me, but they all want very serious
money for it. Considering I paid $25AU for the lot I'm not that interested
in shelling out a couple of hundred for the terminal interface box and


Geoff in Oz
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