Twinax (was Re: Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...)

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 19:59:54 2002

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Geoff Roberts wrote:

> I don't have the 25 pin d to 8x twinax connector gizmo (I can supply an IBM
> part no). I've had a few offered to me, but they all want very serious
> money for it. Considering I paid $25AU for the lot I'm not that interested
> in shelling out a couple of hundred for the terminal interface box and
> cable.

A couple of hundred for the workstation adapter cable is nothing compared
to the cost of $26,000 IBM quoted me, to license OS/400 for mine.

Word of warning for the rest of you, the conventional wisdom that states
RISC AS/400 = V4 = transferrable OS isn't entirely true. _Some_ RISC
AS/400s did run a late release of V3. Licenses for OS/400 V3 are not
transferrable, whether for RISC or CISC.

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